2 people. 1 hour. 6 bags of trash.

Thank you @_jameslake for making this a trash party. While ducks quacked and cyclists called out nice things, we found plastic bags, @cocacola @jimbeamofficial@venergydrinkaustralia and beer cans, an empty bottle of Passion Pop, a shoe, a NSW licence plate, a styrofoam box, a large piece of soundproofing foam, a nappy, countless chocolate bar wrappers, chips packets, a pack of @johnsonsbaby baby wipes, a VHS, bottle tops, @mcdonalds cups, sunglasses, a never-ending amount of plastic straws and a whole lot of plastic bottles from @evianwater @mountfranklin and @colessupermarkets. Why do we still buy water in plastic bottles!? How is that acceptable?! So many things are destined for trash… Thank you to everybody that helped with #trashparty. I will certainly do it again, just going to have a little break. Looking at the area, I’m so proud of what we’ve all achieved together in only 5 weeks. Roughly 7 x 120L landfill bins all up!! You guys rock! @annie_walter @_jameslake@ameerkat_47 @_michaelacatherine@suey_g @kalaharihel @hoppingtonpost plus those I don’t have on Insta. What a great ending to @plasticfreejuly