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Bamboo toothbrush comparison

Brusha brusha brusha! Here’s a quick bamboo toothbrush comparison. .
Eco Toothbrush’s charcoal brush is softer than the ‘medium’ bristles imply so it takes more effort to scrub. Charcoal coating seems like an aesthetic enhancement rather than offering any cleaning benefits. The handle is dainty and not comfortable to use – probably better for kids (did I buy a kids brush!?). It’s a cute design and a long lasting product. The one pictured is 12 months old.

@uppercutdeluxe is a great long lasting toothbrush. The one pictured is 18 months old and it’s finally starting to shed its plastic bristles. It’s got a nice little indentation on the handle for the thumb to fit on comfortably. A good sturdy design that does the job well thanks to hard bristles and a larger brush in general.

@fete_toothbrush is the newest addition. It was gifted to me from overseas so I already lose ZW brownie points 🙈🙊 It’s a striking design. The bristles are shaped into a curve and are strong enough to get to work, but soft enough to be gentle on the gums. The rounded handle has a nice hold to it. The coloured base makes it easier to differentiate if buying a few of the same brushes. Very stylish.

All round pretty great products and good to see bamboo taking off in the dental industry. It’s becoming so popular that I’m a little wary of greenwashing. The next innovation I’d like to see is compostable bristles. I’d also like more detailed packaging information about the wood, bristles and chemical coating.

Bamboo toothbrush comparison | Ain't no Planet B
Bamboo toothbrush comparison | Ain’t no Planet B