My beauty goal is contentment.

My beauty goal is contentment.

Truly zero waste beauty requires zero products. This is me with no make up and no hair products. I haven’t straightened my fringe or shaved my pits. I think I look great, but why do I feel like this isn’t work-appropriate? It’s possible to fast track zero waste if you’re confident with your own natural beauty at all times. It’s the “at all times” part that I struggle with.

I now think of armpit hair in the same way as beard hair. I’ll shave to make an effort for a special occasion or to keep up appearances at work. In both instances, sexy stubble is a wonderful thing. In both instances we *should* be able to grow it out without judgement. No one has ever said anything to me about it so why do I still feel judged? Is it all in my head?

My skin is glowing from the Summer sunshine. In Winter, I’ll miss my light brown skin. I generally wear red lipstick and colour my brows for a little definition. I often try to conceal the dark Mauritian colouring around my eyes which I find a bit ridiculous but I still do it. This concealment is reinforced every time someone comments that I “look tired”. No, I just need more sunshine, less work and less reliance on products.

I grew up at a time when straightened hair was all the rage. My hair straightener was an essential item for 10 years. The goal for me was posh spice hair. When I heard about the natural hair movement, I was envious of women who had perfect curls. Either way, perfection was a requirement for me. My thick hair is wavy, curly and straight. It’s undefined. Thanks to an undercut, I’ve learnt to tame my mane while simultaneously love it’s wild side. Strategically messy is how I style it today.

We can be undefined. We can be partially confident. We can be feminists and shave our pits. We can be professional and not wear make up. We can define what ‘keeping up appearances’ means to us. We can be inconsistent. My beauty goal is contentment.