As part of transitioning to zero waste, we’ve hardly bought any new goods.

Buy nothing new

Next year, I’d like to officially buy nothing brand new. As part of transitioning to zero waste, we’ve hardly bought any new goods. We bought a new @dyson vacuum cleaner after a series of second hand fails. We’ve also bought new metal containers and beeswax wraps to support our new zero waste lifestyle. All clothes purchased this year are second hand – more significantly is that I need less stuff in general.

Why start on New Years? Why not start now? Tbh, I’ve already started. I just want to test it out officially and use 1st January as my measure. I’m now ready to see how long I can go.

In order to buy nothing new I’ll need to borrow from neighbours, rent, buy second hand, adjust my style, learn how to maintain a wider variety of items, seek out specialist repairers; and find creative ways to make do. It will also be interesting to identify my own boundaries of this lifestyle choice – Can I buy beeswax wraps if the fabric is recycled? How will I upgrade my laptop to support freelance work? Are gifts a grey area?

As a parting gift, our housemate gave our dog a much-needed Christmas present. A shiny new porkchop toy. It was well overdue 😆 The old one has been thoroughly thrown around, chewed, cuddled, buried, washed and repaired for 8 months. We’ve trained him not to tear it apart. This is a MASSIVE improvement on the 6 week lifespan of some of our dog toys. Toki is in love with the new upgrade. Next time we need to replace it, I’ll be seeking out second hand kids toys at thrift stores. We’ll also have to stop calling it “porkchop” which is Toki’s second favourite human word after “hungry?” 😆 Wish me luck! 💚