Do you stink pretty? The further I go with diy and low maintenance beauty, the less perfumes I use. I now water wash my hair, moisturise with olive oil and wear a drop or two of essential oils on my wrists. Past Zoe would have a strong perfume associated with every beauty product. Today, I just smell clean.

I’ve noticed that I now have a visceral reaction to strong perfumes. If someone is wearing a lot of cologne, I get a bit squeamish and want to be as far away from them as possible. I never used to be this way but colognes can now make me cough, and if I’m surrounded by enough of it, a cloud of perfume can give me a migraine.

On the other hand, if someone has freshly washed sweet-smelling hair, it smells so damn good to me that I may hover in the air nose-first towards their delicious mane. Can I bury my face in your high tox shampooed hair? It reminds me of those old ‘Herbal Essence’ shampoos from the 90s. They might have been stripping my hair of its natural oils but it Smells. So. Good.

Rather than creeping out strangers on public transport, maybe I should invest in something to make me stink pretty? My first step is to add essential oils to my basic diy products. Let’s get smelly.