Our species is partly defined by our creativity.

There was a time when humans would dine and draw together. We’d share stories, impart wisdom and teach the ways of the world.

My partner and I have introduced a bit of drawing into our evenings. We don’t have kids (or wisdom to impart), so creative play is a habit we try to consciously adopt. No Tv is fine by me. Instead, we draw plans for the future, explain concepts or creepishly draw each other drawing!

I truly believe all humans are capable of drawing (…as well as singing and dancing). Our species is partly defined by our creativity. We might not be the best illustrators, but most of us can demonstrate concepts through mark-making. It’s a good practice to exercise our abilities in cognition, problem-solving and innovation. If you’re lucky enough to have full mobility and people to dine with, try a shared drawing session. Flex these muscles! For extra brownie points, use scrap paper and a pencil.

Check out this inspirational Aboriginal rock art in Kakadu. The first pic is a cave drawing above a sitting area. Some of these drawings are up to 20,000 years old.

Long live this beautiful tradition.

Oh, how I wish to live in a cave…


How we try to be low impact lovers.

Use protection; Favour plastic-free native flowers sourced from sustainable farms; Teach and learn from each other on how to be better humans; Realise that linen, hemp, bamboo, pure silk and nudity are sexier than any lacy polyester nylon number; Love each other’s natural odour, fur and skin; Favour experiences over physical gifts or keepsakes; Cook together; Explore our homeland together and learn about the local context; Recognise opportunities for personal development; Set goals and support each other to achieve them; Extend compassion beyond our immediate relationships.

Finger print wedding rings by Brent & Jess via @etsy

Lukewarm namaste bullshit

Comment on Earth Haters

“what a joke. hello, it’s not about you, and most people don’t care what you think. But whether you want to “judge” them or not, their actions and inactions have repercussions and victims. Most people aren’t doing their best nor what they can. They’re doing what’s comfortable, convenient and popular—that’s how we got into this mess in the first place. Duh. So tired of this lukewarm, pseudo-spiritual, using “namaste” as punctuation, Crowd-pleasing over Facts, bullshit.”

My response:

“Totally 🙃 I’m all about actions. Check the rest of my feed if you’d like some context. This is in response to the anxiety and paralysis created by how fucked the world is. If we’re going to move forward, we need to break the problems down into digestible chunks. And we need to work together. #namastemotherfuckers”


Influence starts with one.

Influence starts with one person. For me, it was my brother, @joeltarling, who said he was trying to reduce the amount of plastic products in his kitchen. He was inspired by his wife, Bec, who I have much to learn from. It all starts with one.

Earth haters

Hello. I just want you to know that I don’t think you’re an earth hater if you drive a car, have children, eat meat, buy new, work a job that isn’t eco positive, don’t buy organic, have a pet, eat dairy, buy packaged goods, can’t finish your meal, don’t pick up rubbish, make an impulse purchase, overuse technology, forget your coffee cup, forget your shopping bags; or take a long shower. I think you’re human. I think you’re doing the best you can. We’re well and truly in the Age of Anxiety. Let’s build each other up. Let’s educate, support and inspire. 💚

If you desire change, consider taking on incremental habits. Change 5 mins of your day until it feels normal. Then change another 5 mins. Don’t stress. We’re all in this together.

Smashing pumpkins for Halloween.

Happy Halloween my friends!! Thank you for being inspirational humans and for following my journey through the tricks and treats of zero waste life. Let’s scare all the plastic away from the ocean with our unrelenting positivity and power of community. Knock those doors down! ✊🏼

Remember to get your candy plastic-free at bulk stores or from @loving_earth, chop up (or smash) your pumpkins for the compost bin and make / thrift your costume.

🐨 But what would this Aussie know about Halloween!? There’s plenty of great tips at @trashisfortossers

Zero waste is an ideology, not an absolute

This is a message for my friends & lovers and for anyone that feels overwhelmed instead of inspired: I am not zero waste. No one is. I have only *reduced* my waste. Zero waste is an ideology, not an absolute. I am a climate change optimist but I still forget to say “no straw”. I still get uber eats when I’m too darn exhausted to cook or think. I still shop at @colessupermarkets when I can’t keep up with the level of organisation required to go to a package free shop. I still drink beer in cans and bottles because it makes me happy. I still eat burgers and fast food because friends come before ideologies. I still sneak some free food at work that is wrapped in plastic because I’m lazy. I still haven’t transitioned to plastic-free meat and dairy because it’s really really hard. I sometimes see rubbish on the ground and begrudgingly walk by. I still waste uneaten food because I’m a tiny human and servings are often way too much for me.
It’s been easy to feel overwhelmed. I need to remind myself that even with all these zero waste fails. I’ve reduced my waste significantly. I want you to feel inspired, rather than overwhelmed. Some people choose to focus on being ethical, vegan or humanitarian and this just happens to be my area of focus.If you’d like to also focus on zero waste, my advice is this: Change 5 mins of your regular day to zero waste. Take away coffee? Brushing your teeth? Travel? Change one thing, and settle with that until it feels normal. Then change another teeny tiny thing… Better yet, tell me about these tiny changes so we can celebrate them together.

Nobody should ever feel guilty about being brought up in a world where waste is normal. It’s not our fault and we can’t be expected to change without support from the wider community. You’re doing the best you can.

Big love, from little Z.

Trash party

This Sunday is the last #trashparty for @plasticfreejuly.

A month ago, I set the goal of cleaning up a small part of the Merri Creek for one hour every Sunday in July. If anyone else came along, it was a bonus – and what a bonus it was!! So far, with the help of friends, we have filled 5 and a half landfill bins (120L each).

This is a big achievement for me, but it’s just another day for the legends at @friendsofmerricreek who have been tirelessly cleaning the creek for a long time now. I have so much respect for people who do this kind of thing regularly, even at a small scale. It’s hard work! One hour of picking up rubbish made my back sore. The walk to the car carrying loads of rubbish made my arms dead (Exercise? What’s that!?). We found some seriously gross items in the creek including a crack pipe and loads of syringes. Last week, I travelled interstate to get there on time and when I finally arrived, it rained heavily – yet we still managed to stick to the weekly goal.  I sound like I’m complaining but I have truly loved every minute of it.

This whole experience has created new memories from old junk, like this little rubber duckie… This toy was the first item I picked up one week. I was by myself, assuming nobody would turn up and I had a lovely surprise when friends appeared a few moments later. It made me so happy to see everyone that I kept this duck as a little memento. Trash Party has been more enjoyable than I had ever imagined and a nice excuse to be outside.

If you’d like to join, I’ll be under the Merri Creek bridge, near @ceresfairfood this Sunday from 3-4pm, weather permitting. If your heart is in the right place but your schedule isn’t, that’s ok. We’re all in this together. Special thanks to the following accounts for picking up trash and inspiring me to follow suit: @lifewithoutplastic @take3forthesea@seashepherdmarinedebristeam@_wastelandrebel_ @waronwasteau@plasticfreemermaid

Zero waste is all about habits, not morality

Last month, I helped the amazing @anakresina and @dominictaranto collect used disposable coffee cups from our office bins at @redbubble.

Like most offices, we have a bin at each pod of desks, plus the big ones in the kitchen. For one week, the three of us casually trawled through countless bins dotted around two floors of our Melbourne office, collecting as many cups as we could.

It’s been a great way to raise awareness. We’ve been super conscious not to make anyone feel bad – I am a firm believer that the point of zero waste is all about habits, not morality. In order to keep moving forward; education, inspiration and incremental habit-forming is key. The next step for this project is the inspiration piece and I can’t wait to show you what they have planned for these cups. They’re about to bloom into something very special.