Oil should never go down the drain.

Zero waste shame: I used to pour oil down the sink because I didn’t know what I was supposed to do with it. Officially, it’s recommended that household oil is stored in a container and then thrown in the bin. At waste management centres, this is analysed for hazardous liquid. After it’s deemed non-hazardous, often the whole thing (including the container) is put in landfill. .

💚 Solution: I now put oil in dirt. Dirt soaks up oil and the two work together to create a dry matter that I can eventually add to compost. The more dirt, the better. We have limited garden space so I have a pot on my balcony with soil in it. It’s perfect for disposing of oil. Over time, I’ll mix it in with the compost/plants and start a fresh pot of soil. This whole process means that I can reuse/recycle the glass jar.

We also try to consume as much as we can before throwing it away. This particular oil from @meredithdairy cheese is great for salads, risotto and omelettes.

This process works best with only a teensy bit of oil added at a time. If you’re trying this out in a pot, check garden forums to ensure that you’ve got the right balance of soil/oil.

2 people. 1 hour. 6 bags of trash.

2 people. 1 hour. 6 bags of trash.

Thank you @_jameslake for making this a trash party. While ducks quacked and cyclists called out nice things, we found plastic bags, @cocacola @jimbeamofficial@venergydrinkaustralia and beer cans, an empty bottle of Passion Pop, a shoe, a NSW licence plate, a styrofoam box, a large piece of soundproofing foam, a nappy, countless chocolate bar wrappers, chips packets, a pack of @johnsonsbaby baby wipes, a VHS, bottle tops, @mcdonalds cups, sunglasses, a never-ending amount of plastic straws and a whole lot of plastic bottles from @evianwater @mountfranklin and @colessupermarkets. Why do we still buy water in plastic bottles!? How is that acceptable?! So many things are destined for trash… Thank you to everybody that helped with #trashparty. I will certainly do it again, just going to have a little break. Looking at the area, I’m so proud of what we’ve all achieved together in only 5 weeks. Roughly 7 x 120L landfill bins all up!! You guys rock! @annie_walter @_jameslake@ameerkat_47 @_michaelacatherine@suey_g @kalaharihel @hoppingtonpost plus those I don’t have on Insta. What a great ending to @plasticfreejuly

1 hour. 4 people. 6 bags of trash.

1 hour. 4 people. 6 bags of trash.

The things we dug up today made it feel like we were investigating a crime. Together, we found a syringe, an unused condom, a men’s wallet with membership cards, a pair of men’s jeans, a cardigan and maybe a small baggie of heroin!?

We also found loads of @woolworths_au and @colessupermarkets plastic bags, styrofoam, straws, @cocacola cans, @evianwater bottles, coffee cups, @cadbury and @nestle chocolate wrappers, a milk crate, an uneaten fun-sized bounty bar, a tyre iron, a @nikesoccer ball and an astonishing amount of @mcdonalds bags, burger boxes, cups and straws.

I think these McDonald’s straws are haunting me. Every week, there’s so many of them. They never die. Maybe they have special powers of immortality? Maybe if I hold one, I’ll become immortal too?? Thank you @_jameslake @hoppingtonpost and Kirsty from @girlsrockmelb for making this a Trash Party. Regardless of the never-ending straws, it’s been incredible to see our progress each week and have a different group of wonderful people helping out. You rock!

4 people. 1 hour. 7 bags of trash.

4 people. 1 hour. 7 bags of trash.

Thank you @ameerkat_47@_michaelacatherine and Peter for making this a Trash Party. We found a sock, a rubber duckie, a condom wrapper, 2 syringes, 10 golf balls, 3 @cocacola cans, 2 @carmanskitchen wrappers, 4 @mcdonaldscups, 5 beer bottles, a @jackdaniels_us can, lots of broken glass, countless straws (mostly #maccas), an unmanageable amount of plastic bags; and an alarming amount of highly recognisable chocolate wrappers including products from @nestle@cadburyoz and @whittakersnz.

It might be the designer in me speaking here, but the haunting resilience of this vibrant packaging seems like a terrible way to achieve brand awareness. I am hopeful that soon it will be normal for companies to take responsibility for the waste they generate by preventing it at a packaging and product design level.

I don’t believe this waste is created by people disposing of rubbish irresponsibly. It all appeared after the flash floods in December and looks like it’s been carried downstream from neighbouring homes.

To all the companies tagged here: How can we prevent this waste from being generated in the first place?

6 people + 1 dog. 1 hour. A trunk-load full of trash

6 people + 1 dog. 1 hour. A trunk-load full of trash. I could barely fit it all in the car!

Among the rubbish, we found countless straws, plastic bags, @mcdonalds cups, @cocacola bottles, @evianwater bottles, cans, chocolate wrappers, around 20 golf balls, a mobile phone, a phone cover, 3 syringes, a crack pipe, a raunchy playboy card, zippers, tennis balls and an unopened bottle of one of my favourite @valebrewing beers.
Thanks @ameerkat_47 @_michaelacatherine@annie_walter Cameron and @_jameslake for being total legends and making this a trash party.