After trash party, I started seeing @cocacola products littering the streets. There isn’t more trash than usual – My perception has just changed. My eyes have started to hunt for trash. I’ve picked up so many coke cans that I now cringe when I see it’s packaging.

I am somewhat of a hypocrite. I cringe at coke cans but I probably consume more boutique beer than your average @cocacola drinker. It’s the same thing. I don’t think twice when I buy beer. To me, it’s an essential lifestyle choice, like a great bottle of wine, or a gooey (plastic-free) cheese.

Recycling is still a thing in our household. We have significantly reduced it by bringing our own containers, making our own beer and reusing/donating jars and bottles for food storage. It’s now taking roughly 6 weeks to fill the recycling bin when it used to take 2. I’d love to reduce this further.


Beautiful vintage packaging

Thrift store find. A beautiful old tin with gorgeous illustration and typography. Antique stores, in particular, are a great place to find small reusable containers.  Even though I’m trying to go package free, I truly do appreciate great packaging design.

Who says they have to match!?

Who says they have to match!? I’m making so much stuff now that our spoons tray is often low. Mum is a bit of a beatnik baby boomer and has hoarded over 8 sets of cutlery from garage sales and thrift stores. I scored a few of the odd ones so she could keep her sets intact (but also odd is definitely my style).