Monbento lunchbox product review

[Product review + Discount code] Thanks @monbento for gifting me this lunch set. Here’s an honest review…

💚 It’s a pretty sleek design. The screw-top bowl is leak free, microwaveable and comes with a spoon that clips onto the lid. I tested it with soup and there were no drips. Very reliable.

💔 It’s plastic (BPA free) and was shipped from overseas wrapped in soft plastic. It’s also brand new which is the opposite of what I’m trying to focus my energy on right now #buynothingnew

💛 Functionally, this is something that can easily be found second hand. I’d recommend @monbento as a gift or for reinforcing personal habits like bringing your own lunch to work. Sometimes a special item can help make new habits stick.

They’ve given me a discount code if anyone would like to try. Type in “AINTNOPLANETB” coupon code to get 10% off on until April 30.

Zero waste sun protection

Are there any mates that can give me advice on zero waste sun protection? Particularly anyone with light brown to dark skin or tattoos. I am at a loss. I want a very high spf sunscreen that doesn’t come in plastic and isn’t chalky. Must be a reliable shield against Australia’s high UV rays.

Here’s a quick comparison:
Before I boycotted plastic, @invisiblezincau was my go to. It offers high protection and is non-greasy and ideal for face. It used to have ethical credentials on #shopethical but has since been marked down. Regardless of its credibility, the chalky residue looks a bit silly over tattoos and light brown skin. Even the tinted versions are very light. My winter skin is fair enough to wear this, but too dark to require it.

I’ve tried but found it offers very little protection and the colour is a strange brown-grey. It made me look dead inside. This is fine colour to match my corpse but while I’m still alive, I need something in the yellow-brown spectrum. Or ya know… just not tinted because one size does not fit all.

Many natural sunscreens don’t display spf. I like that tin packaging is on the rise but no spf makes me reluctant to buy… how can I be sure it’s going to get the job done? I gotta protect my tattoos.

Got a low impact sunscreen that works on dark/tattooed skin? Recommendations welcome. Know stuff about sun protection and nanoparticles? Teach me all the things!

Bamboo toothbrush comparison

Brusha brusha brusha! Here’s a quick bamboo toothbrush comparison. .
Eco Toothbrush’s charcoal brush is softer than the ‘medium’ bristles imply so it takes more effort to scrub. Charcoal coating seems like an aesthetic enhancement rather than offering any cleaning benefits. The handle is dainty and not comfortable to use – probably better for kids (did I buy a kids brush!?). It’s a cute design and a long lasting product. The one pictured is 12 months old.

@uppercutdeluxe is a great long lasting toothbrush. The one pictured is 18 months old and it’s finally starting to shed its plastic bristles. It’s got a nice little indentation on the handle for the thumb to fit on comfortably. A good sturdy design that does the job well thanks to hard bristles and a larger brush in general.

@fete_toothbrush is the newest addition. It was gifted to me from overseas so I already lose ZW brownie points 🙈🙊 It’s a striking design. The bristles are shaped into a curve and are strong enough to get to work, but soft enough to be gentle on the gums. The rounded handle has a nice hold to it. The coloured base makes it easier to differentiate if buying a few of the same brushes. Very stylish.

All round pretty great products and good to see bamboo taking off in the dental industry. It’s becoming so popular that I’m a little wary of greenwashing. The next innovation I’d like to see is compostable bristles. I’d also like more detailed packaging information about the wood, bristles and chemical coating.

Bamboo toothbrush comparison | Ain't no Planet B
Bamboo toothbrush comparison | Ain’t no Planet B

Not so dirty packaging from Dirty Hippie Cosmetics

Zero waste make up delivery!! I believe that make up should be optional for men and women. We are all entitled to wear and not wear make up. As a person who can’t stick to absolutes, I am inconsistent with the amount of make up I wear each day. Sometimes my face is clean. Other days, I have fiery red lips, tinted brows and shimmery blush. One contributing factor is that I get monthly acne even in my 30s. That monthly pimple is clutching onto my teenage youth. Wanna look young? Try being 5 ft tall with pimples. Takes years off! 😜

Thank you to @dirtyhippiecosmetics for gifting me this concealer and shampoo bar. This Australian small business has zero waste principles at its core. I’m in love with their ethos, products, packaging and all-round friendliness.

This concealer matches my summer skin tone perfectly so I can appear to have glowing skin on spotty days. I’ve been wearing their beetroot blush on my eyes and cheeks as well as tinted lip balm. I can return the tins for reuse and compost the paper. It’s all plastic free and vegan.

Also included in this pack is a little lemon shampoo bar which smells incredible and lathers really well. Wrapping it in newspaper is a nice touch.

Discovering DIY recipes has rekindled my interest in make up. My expectations of beauty brands has been enhanced by Dirty Hippie. Thank you Danni for all that you do. You’re a legend in my eyes.

Not so dirty packaging from Dirty Hippie Cosmetics
Not so dirty packaging from Dirty Hippie Cosmetics


Experiencing red week without any waste at all

I learned to ignore my fears and try something new. I used a moon cup and experienced red week without any waste at all. I got to understand my body and listen to my cycle. I learned that disposables are not essential, in fact, they’re a little gross.

Try something new

Compromising current norms and suppressing anxiety may be required to try something new. It’s out of the comfort zone, but worth it if you feel motivated about reducing landfill.

I was mortified by the thought of leaving the cotton pony behind. Switching to a reusable product did not sound appealing at all. I had a good thing going on with tampons. The system worked. It was simple, clean and easy. It was socially acceptable. It’s a lovely gesture to give someone a tampon when they’re in need. We have a stash of pads and tampons at work that anyone can freely take. That’s girl power, right?

Given that this system worked perfectly well for me, there was only one motivation for trying something new: Reducing my landfill waste. I pictured all the used tampons and pads sitting at waste disposal centres around the world. I pictured rats and other scavengers mistaking them for food. I pictured someone sorting through that rubbish and casually uncovering one, like it’s no big deal because they see them ALL the time. I no longer wanted to contribute to this picture.

Switch to a moon cup

Moon cups are available at pharmacies, natural alternative stores and online. They take a bit of getting used too. Expect an adjustment period (ha, get it?), as well as a new sense of empowerment and independence.

The Diva Cup. I was terrified and confused when I took this photo.

When I first experienced one whole red week 100% landfill free, it was life changing. Using a moon cup felt like a huge milestone. The moon cup I have is a Diva Cup, but there are plenty of similar brands making these small and mighty solutions to landfill free periods. The only waste was the recyclable box that it came in – and that’s potentially it for one whole year. Mind blowing!


Something about this gave me a sense of empowerment. I learnt a lot about myself. Achieving the same level of comfort and ease took a couple of days of practise but once I got to that stage, I was really impressed by this product. Had I experienced leaks, I would also invest in period-proof underwear like SheThinx. This was not necessary. The cup alone is all I need.

How to bleed for one whole week without using disposables

Take a deep breath and try something new. Familiarise yourself with your body and your cycle. Consider using a moon cup and/or period proof underwear. Practice makes perfect.

Next: Go deeper with Zero Waste Sex

Package Free gift for me

Thank you to the @packagefreeshop for reaching out and gifting me these goodies 💚 While second-hand plastic lunchboxes are effective and avoid new production of goods, the advantage of metal containers is that they are durable, low tox and often leak-proof. I love that this makes it possible to travel in all kinds of conditions with them. Stack them up. Use them over and over. Bash them around in your bag. Abuse them. Put absolutely anything in them. They can take it.

Dirty Hippie Cosmetics make up is the best.

A few months ago, I purchased 3 samples of @dirtyhippiecosmetics and was incredibly impressed. The B.B. cream is perfection. It’s better than any I’ve tried before (including before zero waste). The powder is better than what I make myself. And the blush is just gorgeous. It’s all vegan, zero waste, cruelty free, Australian and homemade. The only negative I can say (and this is really nit-picky) is that the labels are a little hard to tell apart (see second slide) and the powder makes it tricky to unscrew the lid. Might also be nice to get some darker shades in there. This is as dark as they go. Regardless of these tiny details, I’m so impressed. @dirtyhippiecosmetics is a product and company that makes me very excited about what the future holds.

Dirty Hippie Cosmetics make up is the best

Ginger Snap face scrub

Next up on my @ethiquenz odyssey is Ginger Snap face scrub. Great product! A little tricky to use. This is one of the best smelling scrubs I’ve ever tried (also up there is @lushcosmetics “Let the good times roll” popcorn face scrub). This one smells like ginger, spice and everything nice. It’s been great for my skin and I’m pleased to find that a little goes a long way. One mini block lasted us a week, shared between two people.

As someone who slices up soap into smaller blocks before use, this soap mould blows my mind. Breaking off pieces allows you to have one piece in the shower, and the rest in the cupboard, fresh and ready for travel or next use. I would love to see this chocolate block mould applied to more products.

Both me and my partner struggled a little with the application of this scrub. I started by rubbing the block directly onto my face: Not a particularly pleasant sensation as it doesn’t lather or soften against your cheeks. Then I broke off some large crumbs and rubbed into my palm until I had a creamy spreadable paste: This was better but increased shower time a little. Being such a unique product, a little demonstration video would go a long way. I’d love to see how the legends at @ethiquenz apply this delicious scrub.

Toothpaste jar from Zero Waste Beauty Australia

Handwritten notes make my heart melt and build loyalty to a brand. This personal touch tells me that customers are truly valued by the company. @zerowastebeautyaustralia has created astounding loyalty. Look at this gorgeous message! Not only do I feel excited about this product, but I want this company to succeed.

As far as a zero waste goes, the packaging is mostly glass and can be returned for them to reuse (tick!). The flavour is lovely and minty fresh (tick!) and the texture is smooth and easy to apply (tick!). The toothpaste itself is similar to what I’ve been making at home with the addition of shea butter and arrowroot powder (I assume to improve the texture and reduce oiliness). Shea butter is a welcome change but I’m not sure about the arrowroot. It coats my mouth in powder after brushing. Does it have dental benefits? I don’t normally rinse after brushing (aside from mouthwash) but the addition of arrowroot makes rinsing essential. I wouldn’t mind this if I knew it was good for my teeth.

All in all, this is a good product. I would recommend it for those that want to make the switch to reusable packaging. Just might take a little adjustment to the texture and application.
I’m so pleased to have companies like @zerowastebeautyaustralia who are helping to drive change in Australia. I look forward to seeing them extend their product range even further.