Earth haters

Hello. I just want you to know that I don’t think you’re an earth hater if you drive a car, have children, eat meat, buy new, work a job that isn’t eco positive, don’t buy organic, have a pet, eat dairy, buy packaged goods, can’t finish your meal, don’t pick up rubbish, make an impulse purchase, overuse technology, forget your coffee cup, forget your shopping bags; or take a long shower. I think you’re human. I think you’re doing the best you can. We’re well and truly in the Age of Anxiety. Let’s build each other up. Let’s educate, support and inspire. 💚

If you desire change, consider taking on incremental habits. Change 5 mins of your day until it feels normal. Then change another 5 mins. Don’t stress. We’re all in this together.

Zero waste gets easier

Zero waste can be hard. I’m lucky to have so many stores to choose from, and even then, it’s really hard (but it does get easier). Well done to everyone making that little extra effort, changing 5 mins of your day, or just being conscious of where to improve. You’re on a path to an eco-centric life. You’re doing great.

Getting ready for a sunny holiday

Getting ready for a sunny holiday is a handy way to prepare my summer capsule wardrobe.
Dug up my shorts and singlets from storage and will hide my overcoat soon.
Got swimmers, thongs (that’s “flip-flops” to my international friends), a slick lid, hankies and a maxi skirt for extra hot days.

Combined with a dash of Castile soap, handkerchiefs are going to be amazing when the weather gets really sweaty in that red dust.
Gotta be prepared for 30/86+ degree weather in Alice Springs
Special thanks to @therogueginger for letting me bounce ideas off her in preparation for the trip.
Turns out the zero waste alternative to many things is handkerchiefs 🙂

Plain old bulk.

If liquid package-free bulk isn’t available to you, consider buying plain old bulk instead. This Castile soap can be watered down (1 part soap: 8-10 parts water) to clean dishes, hair, make up remover, dog wash, carpet, surface, toilet, grease, leather, and loads more. Yes, it’s plastic, but it’s a huge improvement on buying multiple bottles.

We got this giant half gallon of @drbronners_australia from @terramadreorganics but it might also be available to buy online depending on where you’re located.

Anyone in remote areas with limited access to bulk? I’d love to hear how you reduce your packaging.