Second hand gadgets saves waste & cash

Buy nothing new: Even for gadgets! Just because I work in tech, doesn’t mean I have to buy brand new gadgets. This is a second hand MacBook Pro with touch bar. It was only a year old when I bought it. The nerdy part of me gets to enjoy the new interface, while the eco conscious part of me is happy to have taken this off someone else’s hands. It works perfectly and I think I saved about $700AUD. Banana and bulk buy nuts are essential zero waste additions to my work day.

Peddling to work

Riding a bike feels like flying. If I was going to fly to work, I had to overcome my insecurities about appearances. Do I wear my work clothes and rough them up? How do I handle wet weather? Do I need to wear sports attire and get changed? Where would I change? Am I going to get all sweaty? Do I feel comfortable with colleagues seeing me before I’ve had a chance to change? Are there showers at work? Do I feel comfortable using the showers? Am I fit enough?

Zero waste at work can be challenging

Zero waste at work can be challenging. I am a UX designer whose life is run by innovative ideas and a never-ending to-do list. For someone who designs digital products, it’s ironic that paper is not safe around me. I used to fill a sketchbook in a month with wireframes, ideas and checklists. While conducting research, I’d go through stacks of @postit notes. On top of that, I design in the open – which means, I print out concepts and stick them on the wall for others to offer input and ideas. I love being organised, collaborative and working across multiple projects, but the plastic covered sketchbooks and an enormous amount of paper usage made me reconsider my approach. I now use a clipboard with scrap paper for ideation. This is my notebook at meetings and my go-to during a brainstorm. New apps like @invisionapp, zeplin and @trelloapp have allowed me to digitise collaboration where possible. I print way less than before. I am also happy that anything printed will be used for scrap paper later on. I now keep my personal checklist on @trelloapp so I can stay organised. I do still use a lot of @postit notes but I’m getting better. This clipboard is roughly $3 from @officeworksand it has totally transformed the way I work. Next up, I’m planning to switch from @sharpie to pencils.

Ride to work

One of my all-time favourite ways to get around. At first, I was scared to ride with cars and trams. Now, I miss it if I don’t ride for a week