Minimalism and zero waste travel

This is face wash, make up remover, facial scrub, body scrub, shampoo, shaving cream & body wash in a teeny tiny little tobacco tin. The minimalism that comes from a zero waste mentality makes travel easy.

Flowers saved from Melbourne cafes

This wreath was made from flowers that were saved from Melbourne cafes. @anita_freeman has dried and arranged them to create some stunning pieces. She gifted me this wreath in exchange for my feather collection. She’ll be using my feathers to make more gorgeous creations while I get to be all fancy in my new headpiece. Need a flower girl? I need an excuse to wear this always and forever.

Harriet Hubbard Ayer make up compact

Look what I found at an antique store! A compact make up case that perfectly suits the powdered foundation I’ve been wearing. Life without packaging can pose some practicality challenges… I’ve been getting powder ERRYWHERE!

I need a (zero waste) ink injection

A while back, I made an observation about the amount of plastic required for tattoos. This realisation tore me apart. Both zero waste and tattoos have supported significant improvements in my mental wellbeing. What’s more confusing is that my tattoos are a celebration of the native bushland that I strive to protect.

I caught up with my tattoo artist and asked her ALL the questions. Credit to her for letting me question her profession. She talked to me about biomedical waste, sterilisation, blood borne pathogens, best practices, poor sterilisation practices, improvements in industry standards, her daily cleaning routine, buying supplies in bulk and health department checks. It was eye opening.

She also gave me some helpful tips to reduce waste when getting inked:

  1. Personally shave the area that you’ll be getting tattooed. It will save a single-purpose plastic razor.
  2. Wear clothing that doesn’t come into contact with the tattoo area. It is better for aftercare and will save excess plastic wrap and paper towel usage. I certainly won’t miss the paper cuff.
  3. Bring a towel. It will reduce the need for paper towels and other physical barriers that collect ink stains.
  4. Avoid expensive clothing. Similar to above, it will reduce the need for paper towels and protection.

All in one liquid soap

Living zero waste is so easy now that we know what we’re doing. This is hand wash, face wash and make up remover at the bathroom sink.

The next image is dish detergent and hand wash at the kitchen sink. It’s the same Castile soap mix. It just has different purposes depending on the context. This basic mix cleans us, our stuff, our house and our dog. Glass bottles were found in the community donation bin at @ceresbrunswick. Pumps were saved from @thankyouaus dispensers at the start of our transition.

What can 1 part castile soap : 7 parts water clean?

  • Us
    • Hands
    • Face
    • Body
    • Hair
  • Our stuff
    • Dishes
    • Clothes
    • Shoes
  • Our house
    • Carpet
    • Floorboards
    • Leather
    • Surfaces
  • Our dog
    • And all the mud he walks into the house…

By popular demand: Is Dr Bronner an evil Palm Oil supporting company?

I’ve reached out to Dr. Bronner directly and was satisfied with their answer on this topic – but I haven’t researched Palm Oil in detail, so my knowledge of this topic is largely based on gut feel, tv documentaries and here-say. In the interest of diversity, I’ll be trying different brands after our giant gallon of soap is used up. I’m always keen to learn more.

Dr bronners liquid castile soap

Dirty Hippie Cosmetics make up is the best.

A few months ago, I purchased 3 samples of @dirtyhippiecosmetics and was incredibly impressed. The B.B. cream is perfection. It’s better than any I’ve tried before (including before zero waste). The powder is better than what I make myself. And the blush is just gorgeous. It’s all vegan, zero waste, cruelty free, Australian and homemade. The only negative I can say (and this is really nit-picky) is that the labels are a little hard to tell apart (see second slide) and the powder makes it tricky to unscrew the lid. Might also be nice to get some darker shades in there. This is as dark as they go. Regardless of these tiny details, I’m so impressed. @dirtyhippiecosmetics is a product and company that makes me very excited about what the future holds.

Dirty Hippie Cosmetics make up is the best

Fix your bent bobby pins.

A few weeks back, I reached out about what to do with my bent, misshapen bobby pins. The response was overwhelmingly wonderful. The most popular answer (by a landslide) was to fix them! To fix these, all I need to do is squeeze them with a pair of pliers. So simple! Thank you everyone who responded 🙂 Thanks to you, my personal goal is to never buy these again.

Coffee grounds + Castile liquid soap = basic coffee body scrub.

We packed a bottle of Castile for dishes, clothes, hair, face, surfaces, etc. We also packed a gold mesh filter so we could buy local coffee and make our own fresh brew on the go. These two products enabled me to make a body scrub while traveling. After a few days of camping in the harsh Aussie desert, it was nice to feel sparkly clean again with this simple recipe.

Note: This makes a mess. Our hotel shower had its fair share of coffee grounds. Only attempt if you don’t mind making a mess 🙂 This should not replace body wash. Use soap afterwards to remove any coffee stains on your skin.

This is just a basic version of the scrub. For the full recipe: add sugar, cinnamon, essential oils and coconut oil. The full recipe is creamier and doesn’t create as much mess.

I love that zero waste has allowed me to be creative within my limitations. And I believe that staying pampered is an important part of rewarding new zero waste habits.

DIY Coffee body scrub on the go
DIY Coffee body scrub on the go
DIY Coffee body scrub on the go
DIY Coffee body scrub on the go

Toiletries for our trip to the outback

With every trip away, my toiletries bag evolves a little more. I find it a great measure for how much I’ve changed throughout this transition. This time, we’ve gone to the outback and it’s the longest trip (and first remote trip) we’ve taken since I decided to go zero waste. We have a mix of activities including hanging poolside at a resort, seeing a concert, camping in the red desert, bushwalking in lush forest and eating at fancy restaurants. We’ll be traveling as a couple but meeting up with friends and family along the way.

This toiletries set reveals a fine balance of looking respectable at dinner while also giving zero fucks about the way I look on holiday 😆. My base standard for being presentable is to smell nice, tame my hair, darken my brows and slap on some lipstick. All of the soap, grooming, deodorant and dental supplies are shared with my partner.

🤠 What have we here?

  • Top row L-R: Make up brushes, eyebrow pencil, @lushcosmetics lipstick, (I thought I’d give it a go in the hot sun) and @dirtyhippiecosmetics powder to remove shine.
  • Middle L-R: Nail file, nail clippers (great for camping), tweezers, @themisterbrand razor (somehow getting a lot of limelight on my feed!), all purpose plain soap in a @lushcosmetics tin, toothbrushes, @noosabasics dental floss, homemade toothpowder in an old mints tin.
  • Bottom L-R: Homemade make up remover wipes, homemade deodorant with sunscreen base instead of coconut oil so it doesn’t melt in warm weather, @perfectpotion essential oil blend so I stink pretty, homemade beeswax balm for hair, body, nails and bobby pins so my crazy curls look ok when it dries naturally after a swim.

Comparison of shaving soap

Quick comparison of soap bars that we’ve used for shaving. @ethiquenz ‘Suave’ shave and shampoo soap: Better for face, not too oily or dry. Fine for body. @beautyandthebeestasmania beer shampoo: Better for hair and fine for body. A bit too harsh for face. Smells sensational.
I like that these are both shaving options that don’t require a brush to create a foam.

@ethiquenz ‘suave’ is the right balance of soapy suds and not too drying or oily for my husband’s chinny chin chin. I’ve found it easy on the legs too.

I like it as a shampoo but I prefer the rich beery goodness of @beautyandthebeestasmania. For legs and hair, the beer soap gets a great lather and smells sensational. My husband prefers @ethiquenz because it’s less greasy and much better for preventing acne and shaving spots. I have used the beer soap as a face wash and found it quite harsh so, maybe the time has finally come to not share all our things? Either way, they are both amazing products and 100% plastic free, with compostable paper packaging. Neither of these products made it into our travel kit which is a sign that they are not considered essentials to us, but still something we would use regularly at home.