Sometimes you just get lucky.

Sometimes you just get lucky. We were looking for an electric razor and I just happened to find this one at a thrift store for $6.
My partner shaves his head every second day so the benefit of this is to reduce water usage in our home and make this routine a little more convenient.
I’m so pleased that it came to us second hand and works really well!

Better packaging options

If I had my way, @invisiblezincau would be sold in a small glass container (100% plastic free) that I could return to them for reuse. It is an amazing product but it comes in a whole mess of plastic packaging. This is a company that has sound moral and ethical standards, its vegan and the product itself goes on smooth and lasts all day. I want to be able to support them but the packaging lets it down. It’s been hard to find an alternative. I’m currently using which is made from coconut oil and shea butter and comes in a reusable tin. It’s rock hard in winter and the mix is slightly inconsistent and clumpy on application. But otherwise, it’s a fair substitute for invisible zinc. I truly hope established brands are hearing our call for better packaging options