Toothpaste jar from Zero Waste Beauty Australia

Handwritten notes make my heart melt and build loyalty to a brand. This personal touch tells me that customers are truly valued by the company. @zerowastebeautyaustralia has created astounding loyalty. Look at this gorgeous message! Not only do I feel excited about this product, but I want this company to succeed.

As far as a zero waste goes, the packaging is mostly glass and can be returned for them to reuse (tick!). The flavour is lovely and minty fresh (tick!) and the texture is smooth and easy to apply (tick!). The toothpaste itself is similar to what I’ve been making at home with the addition of shea butter and arrowroot powder (I assume to improve the texture and reduce oiliness). Shea butter is a welcome change but I’m not sure about the arrowroot. It coats my mouth in powder after brushing. Does it have dental benefits? I don’t normally rinse after brushing (aside from mouthwash) but the addition of arrowroot makes rinsing essential. I wouldn’t mind this if I knew it was good for my teeth.

All in all, this is a good product. I would recommend it for those that want to make the switch to reusable packaging. Just might take a little adjustment to the texture and application.
I’m so pleased to have companies like @zerowastebeautyaustralia who are helping to drive change in Australia. I look forward to seeing them extend their product range even further.

DIY mouthwash

I’ve simplified my mouthwash recipe to just 1 tsp baking soda, 2 tsp xylitol, 4 drops peppermint oil and 1 cup water. I was previously adding aloe vera gel but I didn’t have enough growth in the garden. This recipe works just as well.

I sound like I know what I’m doing but I’m really a bit of a noob. I accidentally made 3 litres of this mouthwash because I chose to double the recipe AND apparently, I can’t tell the difference between tbsp & tsp. Silly me. At least it keeps well and I don’t need to make this for a while.

Zero waste approach to grooming

I used to be extremely self-conscious about body hair. I have dark features so I got teased for having dark baby hairs on my arms, face and belly. I was told that I looked like a man. These comments got to my head and I got a little OTT with hair removal.

I would wax, shave, laser, bleach and pluck until I looked like the unrealistic expectation that others had set for me. I hate looking back at pictures of me with pencil thin eyebrows. I dread to think what laser did under the surface of my skin. I would hate for men to experience waxing downtown – if I wouldn’t wish it upon them, why did I do it?

Today, I have the benefit of being older and not giving a fuck. Zero waste helped me cull the last of the grooming products and accept my natural self. I now know that all those comments were coming from people deflecting their own insecurities. They even teased me for my big brown eyes and petite figure, ha!

This is my zero waste approach to grooming: Pluck, Shave, Trim & the occasional Wax . And you know what? They’re all optional. I have a totally different perception of beauty now. I think full eyebrows and possum pits are hot. I think soft dark arm hair is completely normal. I think baby hairs glistening over tanned skin is sparkly and gorgeous. I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if someone doesn’t have an eye for me, then that’s ok!

In the words of @rupaulofficial: “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else? Can I get an amen up in here!?”

DIY blackhead paste

When I first cut down on toiletries, I used toothpaste as an overnight zit treatment. It. Was. Amazing! It was so effective that when I first made toothpowder, my husband jokingly asked “but what are you going to use as pimple cream?” 😂 Fast forward a few months and I now use a simple blackhead paste that I’ve made with baking soda and lemon juice. It draws out oil and lightens redness to restore blemishes. I simply mix the two until they form a paste and keep that in the bathroom as a face scrub or spot treatment.

Something that should be talked about more

Something that should be talked about more is zero waste protective sex. How can we prevent getting pregnant without buying single-use plastic packaging or pumping our bodies full of hormones?
Motivated by zero waste and health reasons, I decided to go off the birth control pill. I’d been on the pill for almost 15 years. That’s half my life and basically all of my adult life. My hormones are slowly starting to balance out again, but I’m left with a lack of options for the sexy time… Bar in the arm? No way.

I’m done with hormones. Barbed wire in the snatch? There’s no way I’m putting a piece of metal in my taco. No thank you… Get the snip? Sure!! But that’s super invasive and doctors have tried to deter us because they believe we’re too young (we’re both 30). So, what do we do!? We play it as safe as possible for as long as we can and then finally resort to buying these… At this point, we’re seeing condoms as part of ‘medical’ plastics. I’d love to hear how others approach this.

Thanks to @simplyzerowaste for bringing up this topic earlier in the week.

Sometimes you just get lucky.

Sometimes you just get lucky. We were looking for an electric razor and I just happened to find this one at a thrift store for $6.
My partner shaves his head every second day so the benefit of this is to reduce water usage in our home and make this routine a little more convenient.
I’m so pleased that it came to us second hand and works really well!

Zero waste deodorant options that I’ve explored

I’ve learnt that deodorant is easy to make but challenging to know which kind is right for the individual. What is perfect for one person could be ineffective / cause skin irritations for another. On top of all this, a detox from conventional deodorants can make it tricky to judge the effectiveness of natural options. A blanket rule is to detox for 2 weeks before moving onto a natural deodorant, then assess small samples until the right one presents itself.

Zero waste options that I’ve explored: Salt crystal, @sukinskincare spray, ACV + witch hazel roll on (DIY), @lushcosmetics powders and bars, Cornstarch + baking soda + ground rosemary (DIY) and this one pictured… coconut oil + baking soda + Cornstarch (DIY).

This is my winner. It travels well, is enjoyable to make and most importantly, it works really well for me. No stinky pits! I even like the application of dabbing a little on my finger and rubbing into the pits. This is 1:1 baking soda and cornstarch with coconut oil smooshed in until the consistency is like putty. The amount of coconut oil depends on the climate/season as it melts in hot weather. I added ‘insight’ blend of essential oils from @perfectpotion to give it a little boost of perfume. Very happy with this solution.