DIY blackhead paste

When I first cut down on toiletries, I used toothpaste as an overnight zit treatment. It. Was. Amazing! It was so effective that when I first made toothpowder, my husband jokingly asked “but what are you going to use as pimple cream?” 😂 Fast forward a few months and I now use a simple blackhead paste that I’ve made with baking soda and lemon juice. It draws out oil and lightens redness to restore blemishes. I simply mix the two until they form a paste and keep that in the bathroom as a face scrub or spot treatment.

DIY reed diffuser

Inspired by @naturallyinitaly_ I made a reed diffuser. It’s canola oil + essential oil. I love this idea but I’m not getting the yummy smells that I was expecting. Have doubled the amount of essential oil (this is 60 drops : 1 cup unscented oil). It’s still very subtle. Has anyone else made one of these? Would love our bedroom to smell of lavender and rose to aid in sleeping.

Zero waste deodorant options that I’ve explored

I’ve learnt that deodorant is easy to make but challenging to know which kind is right for the individual. What is perfect for one person could be ineffective / cause skin irritations for another. On top of all this, a detox from conventional deodorants can make it tricky to judge the effectiveness of natural options. A blanket rule is to detox for 2 weeks before moving onto a natural deodorant, then assess small samples until the right one presents itself.

Zero waste options that I’ve explored: Salt crystal, @sukinskincare spray, ACV + witch hazel roll on (DIY), @lushcosmetics powders and bars, Cornstarch + baking soda + ground rosemary (DIY) and this one pictured… coconut oil + baking soda + Cornstarch (DIY).

This is my winner. It travels well, is enjoyable to make and most importantly, it works really well for me. No stinky pits! I even like the application of dabbing a little on my finger and rubbing into the pits. This is 1:1 baking soda and cornstarch with coconut oil smooshed in until the consistency is like putty. The amount of coconut oil depends on the climate/season as it melts in hot weather. I added ‘insight’ blend of essential oils from @perfectpotion to give it a little boost of perfume. Very happy with this solution.