Comparison of shaving soap

Quick comparison of soap bars that we’ve used for shaving. @ethiquenz ‘Suave’ shave and shampoo soap: Better for face, not too oily or dry. Fine for body. @beautyandthebeestasmania beer shampoo: Better for hair and fine for body. A bit too harsh for face. Smells sensational.
I like that these are both shaving options that don’t require a brush to create a foam.

@ethiquenz ‘suave’ is the right balance of soapy suds and not too drying or oily for my husband’s chinny chin chin. I’ve found it easy on the legs too.

I like it as a shampoo but I prefer the rich beery goodness of @beautyandthebeestasmania. For legs and hair, the beer soap gets a great lather and smells sensational. My husband prefers @ethiquenz because it’s less greasy and much better for preventing acne and shaving spots. I have used the beer soap as a face wash and found it quite harsh so, maybe the time has finally come to not share all our things? Either way, they are both amazing products and 100% plastic free, with compostable paper packaging. Neither of these products made it into our travel kit which is a sign that they are not considered essentials to us, but still something we would use regularly at home.