Our compost bin is bigger than our landfill bin. We keep it on the kitchen bench so it’s front of mind and easy to access. I made it out of a metal tub I found and the lid of an old pot. Essentially, it just needs to be leak proof and have a hole on top to breathe. Our tiny landfill bin is hidden in the laundry cupboard next to the kitchen (out of sight, out of mind).

I have two compost systems, both found on the side of the road:

1) Outdoor flip top bin: It takes all organic matter: food scraps, paper, wood, hair, fabric, etc. This sits in our tiny 20 square metre backyard.

2) Indoor Worm farm: We keep our worm farm in the garage. I feed it sporadically to prevent over-feeding. Worm farms don’t like animal products, onions/bulbs and citrus, so I tend to save the really special compost for them: egg shells, banana peels, avocado, coffee grounds.

This whole process reduces landfill waste and the worm farm ensures I have excellent soil for potting plants.