Fun DIY repair project from a street find

Gender norms and handy work.

Neither myself or my partner are particularly masculine or feminine in the traditional sense. I don’t think anyone is 100% anything. I think we spin in a cycle of different headspaces. I think those headspaces get mistaken for male/female counterparts.

We found the metal frame of this high stool on the side of the road. It looked like a fun diy project for my partner. I had no idea that this task would be associated with his grandfather. It was funny to see him embody his Pa. He got out his tool kit, tinkered, sanded, painted, measured and drilled with a slight squint and a swagger. Pretty sure his accent thickened too. 🤠 The result looks great and blends into our home nicely. I’m glad we saved this from ending up in a junk yard.

Having craft skills is good for our souls. Make, repair and create at every chance you get. If these activities don’t come naturally, you may embody a different person. Embrace it. It’s fun to pretend and it helps us learn a new skill.