Ginger Snap face scrub

Next up on my @ethiquenz odyssey is Ginger Snap face scrub. Great product! A little tricky to use. This is one of the best smelling scrubs I’ve ever tried (also up there is @lushcosmetics “Let the good times roll” popcorn face scrub). This one smells like ginger, spice and everything nice. It’s been great for my skin and I’m pleased to find that a little goes a long way. One mini block lasted us a week, shared between two people.

As someone who slices up soap into smaller blocks before use, this soap mould blows my mind. Breaking off pieces allows you to have one piece in the shower, and the rest in the cupboard, fresh and ready for travel or next use. I would love to see this chocolate block mould applied to more products.

Both me and my partner struggled a little with the application of this scrub. I started by rubbing the block directly onto my face: Not a particularly pleasant sensation as it doesn’t lather or soften against your cheeks. Then I broke off some large crumbs and rubbed into my palm until I had a creamy spreadable paste: This was better but increased shower time a little. Being such a unique product, a little demonstration video would go a long way. I’d love to see how the legends at @ethiquenz apply this delicious scrub.