I was intimidated by peanut butter machines when I started going zero waste. I thought I was going to create an onslaught of peanut butter goop that would take over and suck us all in like an 80s horror movie. Pure chaos, all because I pressed the wrong button. I’m pleased to say that it’s very hard to unleash the end of days with one of these machines.

If you see a peanut butter machine, have a go! Package free peanut butter is easy, fresh, healthy and a lot of fun to make. Just weigh the jar beforehand and you’re good to go. Swipe to see me making it and looking ridiculously full of glee at @afghantraders. It’s a great activity for kids to take part in and I love how it demonstrates how simply it’s made.

We have peanut butter on toast, use it to make satay sauce and we add some to banana smoothies. We also use it as a package-free treat in our dog’s Kong toy.