In this podcast, we talk about behavioural change, Aussie bush, community and what I put in my vagina

Thank you A Sustainable Mind for the lovely chats. In this podcast, we talk about behavioural change, baby steps, growing up in the Aussie bush, the amazing Insta community and talking to relative strangers about what I put in my vagina. Hooray!

The kindest words from Marjorie at A Sustainable Mind:

Zoe and I have been fans of one another’s work for a while and I figured it was time to collaborate 🙂 In this episode we get to know Zoe Jazz, creator of and writer at Ain’t No Planet B, just a little bit better.

If you aren’t already familiar with her work, she is one of my faves for three big reasons:

  • She doesn’t think you are a terrible person if you eat burgers everyday, drive a Jeep or still buy all your clothes new.
  • She understands that all progress takes time and encourages incremental steps to improving your habits (we talk about this throughout the episode)
  • And she makes a point to discuss the psychology of making (eco-friendly) decisions (we also discuss this piece in the episode)

This is a woman that really gets it and I’m an even bigger fan now that I’ve been able to pick her brain.

Thanks Zoe, you rock!