Influence starts with one

Influence starts with one.

Influence starts with one person. For me, it was my brother, @joeltarling, who said he was trying to reduce the amount of plastic products in his kitchen. He was inspired by his wife, Bec, who I have much to learn from. It all starts with one.

Joel made this comment four years ago. It had no intent behind it. He wasn’t trying to change me, but it made me reflect on my own home. I truly believe that independent acts allow others to make small observations. Show, don’t tell. Build psychological safety so others can freely ask questions. Never ever try to evangelise your lifestyle choices. Be patient and supportive of one another.

I don’t expect everyone to live this way. For instance, it’s particularly tricky for our parents to transition so late in life. For those that choose to reduce their waste, there’s no expectation to be consistent about it. Progress not perfection is key. #zerowasteirl

It took me three years to turn my ship around and make the conscious decision to transition. The pace of my incremental improvements is growing exponentially. I try to play it cool, but I am filled with joy when people tell me about a small step of their personal progress. I am also fascinated by the areas that we choose NOT to improve on. Us humans are a bit strange sometimes. 😜💚