Low waste basic shit

Low waste basic shit.

Got a light? Use matches instead of lighters. Need to write something down? Use pencils, a fountain pen or your phone instead of plastic pens. Laundry day? Wash on a cold cycle and hang dry instead of using a dryer. Making a cuppa? Favour loose leaf instead of tea bags. Fancy a drink? Favour glass bottles or cans over plastic bottles. Craving fast food? Do what you can to avoid excess napkins, straws, lids, plastic cutlery and bags. Forgot your byo coffee cup? Take a moment to relax and drink your coffee at the cafe. Forgot your byo shopping bags? Cradle what you can in your arms or put the small groceries into your regular bag. Craving a salty snack? Make popcorn.

I’m not perfect with all this. Pens and teabags are still in everlasting supply at home.

We have a pretty diverse tea collection. I’m slowly building up the loose leaf tea by making it myself or shopping at specialty stores. It’s hard to tell, but apparently the majority of tea bags are made from plastic and are not compostable. My mum used to always compost our teabags so I can sense her disapproval if I throw them in landfill 😜. If anyone has any resources, I’d love to know more on this topic.

Being married to an illustrator, we have a never ending stockpile of @sharpie pens. He’s now almost entirely digitised his drawing technique. When the time comes to eventually buy again, I’ll be looking at pencils. Got a brand that you like? I’d love to know if there’s a pencil that can as act a substitute for smooth markers.