Low-waste dental floss

When my partner bought disposable tooth flossers over a year ago, I was mildly disgruntled. We bickered about its wasteful design vs its ease of use. At the time, I preferred extra minty floss packaged in a plastic case. That was all before we decided to quit plastic altogether. Fast forward to today and I’m pleased to say that we have finally used up every last flosser. I’ve been inspired by the plastic-free options that are available and happy to finally try them out.

According to @zerowastehome, you can floss with pure silk thread, but I have found it impossible to find plastic-free thread at @lincraft and independent sewing stores. It’s really shocked me how much polyester and plastic packaging have taken over the sewing segment. Sadly, I can’t DIY this, even though it should be easy.

Instead, I’m trying @noosabasics charcoal dental floss. The unboxing was a little confusing, with two threads and a bit of unpacking to get it right (swipe for more). There’s only a teeny tiny bit of plastic which I assume is for hygienic purposes. Their postage was also plastic free. As a floss, it’s pretty good. Seems to be just as durable as the big brands. It’s not minty but it does the job. I do like the black colour as it helps show plaque more clearly on the string. A little part of me has gotten used to the convenience of flossing back teeth with a handle (Much ease!). And after my initial disgruntled response about wasteful plastic, I think I’m going to miss the handles. This string is going to take some getting used to. Either way, this is a great low waste option that is as good as the regular brands of floss. I bought this online, via their website.