Zero waste beauty kit

Maybe she’s born with it.

This is my regular beauty kit when I’m working full time and trying to look like I give a fuck about the way I look. 😜

What‘s all this then? L-R

According to WGSN: “Greater demand for ethically made cosmetics is set to grow in 2018. Spurred on by the all-encompassing wellness trend and consumer concerns about what we’re putting on our skin, everything from vegan, cruelty-free products and zero-waste packaging will come into the mainstream in 2018.”

Consumer demand is a powerful thing. You should all be super proud of how much impact we have when we swarm together. This image could soon be mainstream!

Retailers and manufacturers ARE listening. They’re going to aim to meet consumer demands. Note that many of them are going to cut corners in their supply chain (beware of green washing) and many are going to find ways to sell to a market that doesn’t want to buy anything. Hold your ground, take your time and know that you don’t actually need any of this stuff. Beauty products are a nice to have. Not essential. Contrary to @maybelline, maybe she really is born with it. 💁🏻‍♀️