Milk in refillable glass bottles. 

The best cow milk I’ve ever had. Truly. I don’t normally like cow milk so this is particularly amazing. Thanks, @stdaviddairy for serving fresh milk in refillable glass bottles.

I highly recommend trying this if you’re near Fitzroy. It’s only $3 to refill the bottle, but it has to be clean and 100% dry to reduce any chance of bacteria in the empty vessel. These bottles are great in the dishwasher and drip dry easily. I was concerned when they labelled the milk with a 3-day expiry. I now realise this is highly precautionary as the milk lasts a bit longer than that. My only reservation is that they’re only open Mon-Fri 6:30 am – 4:30 pm, so I have had to take a brief detour on my way to work to pick up milk. I’m unlikely to keep this up long term, which is a shame as this milk is particularly amazing. I wish their retail side was open on Saturdays, or available for after hours delivery.

This also got me thinking… if we can refill dairy milk, then surely it’s safe to refill non-dairy? I wonder if vegan milk could be sold at bulk stores? Does this exist anywhere? If not, I nominate @thesourcebulkfoods to lead the charge.