Minimalist soap container for zero waste

Minimalism and zero waste travel

This is face wash, make up remover, facial scrub, body scrub, shampoo, shaving cream & body wash in a teeny tiny little tobacco tin. The minimalism that comes from a zero waste mentality makes travel easy.

I’m embarrassed to tell you how many toiletries I used to pack. I took every conceivable product to make me smell decent, have ok skin/hair and combat body fuzz. I was packing my bag in self defence against insecurities. It looked like I was preparing for the smelly-acne-stray-hair apocalypse. The apocalypse never came.

This set of three soaps is more than what we need. I packed the scrub for luxury. I could have brought only one multipurpose soap. I just really like the gingery and cardamom smells that these soaps are kicking out. It brings me comfort and joy.