Zero waste make up delivery!! I believe that make up should be optional for men and women. We are all entitled to wear and not wear make up. As a person who can’t stick to absolutes, I am inconsistent with the amount of make up I wear each day. Sometimes my face is clean. Other days, I have fiery red lips, tinted brows and shimmery blush. One contributing factor is that I get monthly acne even in my 30s. That monthly pimple is clutching onto my teenage youth. Wanna look young? Try being 5 ft tall with pimples. Takes years off! 😜

Thank you to @dirtyhippiecosmetics for gifting me this concealer and shampoo bar. This Australian small business has zero waste principles at its core. I’m in love with their ethos, products, packaging and all-round friendliness.

This concealer matches my summer skin tone perfectly so I can appear to have glowing skin on spotty days. I’ve been wearing their beetroot blush on my eyes and cheeks as well as tinted lip balm. I can return the tins for reuse and compost the paper. It’s all plastic free and vegan.

Also included in this pack is a little lemon shampoo bar which smells incredible and lathers really well. Wrapping it in newspaper is a nice touch.

Discovering DIY recipes has rekindled my interest in make up. My expectations of beauty brands has been enhanced by Dirty Hippie. Thank you Danni for all that you do. You’re a legend in my eyes.

Not so dirty packaging from Dirty Hippie Cosmetics
Not so dirty packaging from Dirty Hippie Cosmetics