Observations on bathroom & hygiene habits

Eco-behavioural change begins with observation. We need to take time to observe our behaviour before we can step through gentle changes. Let’s take a look at our bathroom & hygiene habits:

  • Toiletries: Check your toiletries. Are there double ups? Is anything out of date? What do you use daily? Is anything designed for waste?
  • Ingredients: Are the ingredients mysterious or familiar to you? What’s essential to your needs? What’s going down the drain?
  • Thanks to the animals: Read the label of your favourite products and research their ethical standards. Are there any animal products in the ingredients? Is it tested on animals?
  • Shower time: A shower timer is a healthy reality check. Assess if your water is running for more than 4 mins at a time.

Everybody is different. This set of examples are based on my own personal journey. Is there something unique to you that you’ve observed? Has there been an area that you feel resistant to change? I’d love to hear from you.