Oil should never go down the drain

Oil should never go down the drain.

Zero waste shame: I used to pour oil down the sink because I didn’t know what I was supposed to do with it. Officially, it’s recommended that household oil is stored in a container and then thrown in the bin. At waste management centres, this is analysed for hazardous liquid. After it’s deemed non-hazardous, often the whole thing (including the container) is put in landfill. .

💚 Solution: I now put oil in dirt. Dirt soaks up oil and the two work together to create a dry matter that I can eventually add to compost. The more dirt, the better. We have limited garden space so I have a pot on my balcony with soil in it. It’s perfect for disposing of oil. Over time, I’ll mix it in with the compost/plants and start a fresh pot of soil. This whole process means that I can reuse/recycle the glass jar.

We also try to consume as much as we can before throwing it away. This particular oil from @meredithdairy cheese is great for salads, risotto and omelettes.

This process works best with only a teensy bit of oil added at a time. If you’re trying this out in a pot, check garden forums to ensure that you’ve got the right balance of soil/oil.