YES these tetra packs are recyclable, depending on where you’re located. Over 80% of Australians can recycle milk and juice cartons.

“Milk and juice cartons are made from a material called liquid paperboard (LPB), which is constructed from cardboard with layers of plastic, and in the case of long-life products, a thin layer of aluminium foil. Cardboard makes up the largest proportion of these materials – about 88% of Tetra Pak 1 litre fresh milk carton for example.” – 

I sometimes ask Sustainability Victoria for clarification. They are really helpful and have confirmed that they are recyclable in Melbourne. When in doubt, it’s really easy to ask your local council or advisory board via Twitter. Recycling is often flawed (ie the whole container might not be recycled, only parts of it) and it isn’t the end goal of zero waste, but it’s nice to have this low waste option when we need it.