Thank you to the @packagefreeshop for reaching out and gifting me these goodies 💚 While second-hand plastic lunchboxes are effective and avoid new production of goods, the advantage of metal containers is that they are durable, low tox and often leak-proof. I love that this makes it possible to travel in all kinds of conditions with them. Stack them up. Use them over and over. Bash them around in your bag. Abuse them. Put absolutely anything in them. They can take it.

Stainless steel containers and bamboo cutlery

Thanks to international friends, I had my very first thanksgiving lunch this year. We did a great job of avoiding food waste through considered meal planning, but our eyes were far bigger than our bellies (typical!). I was happy to receive these containers as they served very useful for storing extra leftovers that we could incorporate into the next meal.

The bamboo cutlery set serves a more specific use. I feel like this is really targeted at travellers or people on the go. It’s a great way to avoid plastic cutlery on long flights or at food courts. I am excited to try these on our next flight because I hear that they are ok in the bag scanner. I imagine it’s going to open up new possibilities and raise the bar of plastic free living for me