Growing consumer demand for native bush foods

These are native pepper berries, wattle seed and salt bush that taste like pepper, roasted cinnamon and umami salt. I haven’t found these ingredients package free yet. I wish more stores (even supermarkets) supported native bush foods… In the meantime, it probably quicker for me to rent a home with a big backyard and try to grow these myself.

Observations about personal travel habits

Admitting is the first step. Or, to be precise, Mindfulness is 🙂 We need to know where we stand before we know where to step. This means we gotta stop, and just observe ourselves for a bit.

To kick this off, let’s look at our personal travel habits. These questions are intended to get the wheels in motion (pun intended) but it should be customised to your own unique situation/part of the world:

  • A long walk. If you have the luxury of mobility, what’s your perception of a long walk? 15 minute walk? Easy. 30 minute walk? Ugh, I’ll just drive… What’s your limit? Can you build on that?
  • Two wheels. Do you own a bike? Take it for a spin and see how it makes you feel. Do you get anxiety or feel like you’re flying? If it’s the latter, consider flying more 🙂
  • Car. Do you own a car? Does driving involve transporting others? Are you carrying heavy items? Is it a necessity, a luxury or potentially optional?
  • Uber, Taxi & Jet-setting. Look at your bank statement to understand the cost and frequency of these forms of travel. How reliant are you on these modes of transport?
  • Eating To Go. If eating or drinking out, take note of the types of disposable items required to support this. Are any items not essential / destined for immediate waste?
  • Other? Skateboard, scooter, truck, 4wd, horse, tuk tuk, camel… Got other examples of travel? I’d love to hear about it 🙂

Write down your observations and make the conscious decision to NOT change for the time being. Just continue to observe yourself as life happens. We’ll get to actions in part 2: Opportunity. For now, we observe.

Illustration by @_jameslake

Minimalist cleaning

A tea towel and a brush are perfect for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom. They’re also good for drying hands and scrubbing nails, holding hot pots and cleaning boots, playfully whipping siblings and pretending to have a fancy moustache.

Pull packaging apart

Pull packaging apart. Explore it. Understand it’s construction. Reimagine it. Clean it. Rebuild it. Repurpose it.

This old bottle of @trilogyproducts rosehip oil has been the home of my homemade acv conditioning rinse for many moons now. No need to throw away. It’s still got years in it.

After the next bottle is used up, I’m planning to experiment with a locally sourced oil that can be bought package free. Olive oil for the face? I’m willing to give it a try. If it’s good enough for old mate Cleopatra, it’s good enough for me.

Zero waste sun protection

Are there any mates that can give me advice on zero waste sun protection? Particularly anyone with light brown to dark skin or tattoos. I am at a loss. I want a very high spf sunscreen that doesn’t come in plastic and isn’t chalky. Must be a reliable shield against Australia’s high UV rays.

Here’s a quick comparison:
Before I boycotted plastic, @invisiblezincau was my go to. It offers high protection and is non-greasy and ideal for face. It used to have ethical credentials on #shopethical but has since been marked down. Regardless of its credibility, the chalky residue looks a bit silly over tattoos and light brown skin. Even the tinted versions are very light. My winter skin is fair enough to wear this, but too dark to require it.

I’ve tried but found it offers very little protection and the colour is a strange brown-grey. It made me look dead inside. This is fine colour to match my corpse but while I’m still alive, I need something in the yellow-brown spectrum. Or ya know… just not tinted because one size does not fit all.

Many natural sunscreens don’t display spf. I like that tin packaging is on the rise but no spf makes me reluctant to buy… how can I be sure it’s going to get the job done? I gotta protect my tattoos.

Got a low impact sunscreen that works on dark/tattooed skin? Recommendations welcome. Know stuff about sun protection and nanoparticles? Teach me all the things!

Prevent food waste by reusing your fruit scraps

We save fruit scraps in a freezer bag to make iced tea. When the bag is full, I put it in a 2L jug and add a dash of red tea and mint (if we have it). I fill the jug with boiling water, cover, let it sit for a day, strain and compost the scraps. I bottle the warm tea and leave in the fridge for a few hours. The result is a refreshing iced tea, particularly rewarding on a summer day.

Reduce food waste by reusing your fruit scraps | An't no Planet B

Recipe inspiration is from @thugkitchen’s peach iced tea.

Zero waste travel to an off-the-grid home

Zero waste travel with doggo. I packed body wash, face scrub and dog shampoo for a weekend away at @wolseleywines eco winery cabin. This dog-friendly accomodation is almost entirely off the grid, architecturally designed and has a freakin cellar door 100 feet away.

Zero waste travel to an off-the-grid home | Ain't no Planet B

Zero waste travel to an off-the-grid home | Ain't no Planet B


My husband and my dog are currently napping. I’m starting to wonder if their souls are connected…

I don’t blame them – this place has melted my troubles away. From the moment we arrived, I’ve felt pure contentment. I’ve lost track of time. The complimentary bottle of wine helped 🙃 but it’s the connection to the natural landscape that has had the greatest impact on my mental wellbeing. This tiny home has 4 walls that can slide away, exposing the entire space to the elements.

Zero waste travel to an off-the-grid home | Ain't no Planet B


I believe we’ve been designing homes all wrong. A home shouldn’t protect from the elements, it should honour them.

I book holidays to get closer to the elements. In this place, I experienced deep meditation by the fire. I took in panoramic views of the lake, gum trees and vineyard. We walked barefoot and soaked our feet in the water. We got dirt and sand and dust on our clothes. We secured our belongings as the wind swept through the home.

This place has inspired me to build an affordable closed-loop home that blends into the natural environment. One day…

Zero waste travel to an off-the-grid home | Ain't no Planet B

Zero waste travel to an off-the-grid home | Ain't no Planet B

Bamboo toothbrush comparison

Brusha brusha brusha! Here’s a quick bamboo toothbrush comparison. .
Eco Toothbrush’s charcoal brush is softer than the ‘medium’ bristles imply so it takes more effort to scrub. Charcoal coating seems like an aesthetic enhancement rather than offering any cleaning benefits. The handle is dainty and not comfortable to use – probably better for kids (did I buy a kids brush!?). It’s a cute design and a long lasting product. The one pictured is 12 months old.

@uppercutdeluxe is a great long lasting toothbrush. The one pictured is 18 months old and it’s finally starting to shed its plastic bristles. It’s got a nice little indentation on the handle for the thumb to fit on comfortably. A good sturdy design that does the job well thanks to hard bristles and a larger brush in general.

@fete_toothbrush is the newest addition. It was gifted to me from overseas so I already lose ZW brownie points 🙈🙊 It’s a striking design. The bristles are shaped into a curve and are strong enough to get to work, but soft enough to be gentle on the gums. The rounded handle has a nice hold to it. The coloured base makes it easier to differentiate if buying a few of the same brushes. Very stylish.

All round pretty great products and good to see bamboo taking off in the dental industry. It’s becoming so popular that I’m a little wary of greenwashing. The next innovation I’d like to see is compostable bristles. I’d also like more detailed packaging information about the wood, bristles and chemical coating.

Bamboo toothbrush comparison | Ain't no Planet B
Bamboo toothbrush comparison | Ain’t no Planet B

Pack mixed nuts instead of museli bars

Zero waste on the go! I used to have two individually-wrapped museli bars a day. I now keep a jar of mixed nuts, dried fruit and chocolates in my bag that I can snack on between meals. This simple habit has prevented me from buying impulse snacks when I’m out and about. It’s great for work, car, flights, picnics, bush walks, camping and walking/riding around the city. I love that it’s easy to share too. This small and mighty jar could bring me one step closer to being the cool guy at the pub when we want something to nibble on.

Second hand upgrade

Second hand score! $10 Crofton pot from a garage sale. This is a huge upgrade from our Teflon-coated frypan bought new for around $40 at a discount store many years ago. Funny how buying second hand can result in major upgrades at a fraction of the cost.