Riding a bike feels like flying. If I was going to fly to work, I had to overcome my insecurities about appearances. Do I wear my work clothes and rough them up? How do I handle wet weather? Do I need to wear sports attire and get changed? Where would I change? Am I going to get all sweaty? Do I feel comfortable with colleagues seeing me before I’ve had a chance to change? Are there showers at work? Do I feel comfortable using the showers? Am I fit enough?

I built up my fitness level by riding to work on my days off to test the journey. My old job was 4km away and I’ve managed to double it to 8km for my current job. In both instances, I haven’t had the need to shower at work. I do avoid the extremely muddy or stinking hot days. That’s when I catch the tram.

After some resistance, I am now part of the Lycra clad crew. My little lumps and bumps are in view as I peddle with intent. It feels great. I can move more freely. If someone’s looking at my butt then good for them. My only concern is if I’m showing crack or have transparency in my worn out clothes. Nobody likes a wardrobe malfunction.

My sports clothes are entirely second hand and blend in with my normal clothes: @lululemon tights and @northfacewindbreaker. Both are perfect in mild and wet weather.

Riding a bike is truly zero waste. The energy put into it is transferred into travel speed, endorphins and better health all round. It feels amazing. This rush allows us to quickly disregard feelings of insecurity. Don’t worry about a thing. Boy, girl or otherwise, I bet you look like a total babe while sweating on the bike. Own it.