Re-purposing old cologne

When we first cleared out our toiletries, we found a dormant cologne bottle that was given to us as a Christmas present. As lovely as it is, the perfume didn’t seem to get much use. Instead of donating a partially used perfume to charity (where it will also sit dormant on a shelf), we use it as a room spray in the bathroom and cupboards. It’s absolutely perfect for this. And it’s even made a comeback for the body as well.

Aside from gifts, I now avoid spray perfume because I’ve discovered that essential oils are far more versatile. I dab a little oil on my wrists and mix it into my homemade deodorant. I also use essential oils to perfume our clothes with our homemade fabric softener (white vinegar + a drop of essential oil).

All of these little luxuries help us to feel pampered as we minimise everything and form new habits. This kind of positive reinforcement is a key part of successful habit-forming.