After trash party, I started seeing @cocacola products littering the streets. There isn’t more trash than usual – My perception has just changed. My eyes have started to hunt for trash. I’ve picked up so many coke cans that I now cringe when I see it’s packaging.

I am somewhat of a hypocrite. I cringe at coke cans but I probably consume more boutique beer than your average @cocacola drinker. It’s the same thing. I don’t think twice when I buy beer. To me, it’s an essential lifestyle choice, like a great bottle of wine, or a gooey (plastic-free) cheese.

Recycling is still a thing in our household. We have significantly reduced it by bringing our own containers, making our own beer and reusing/donating jars and bottles for food storage. It’s now taking roughly 6 weeks to fill the recycling bin when it used to take 2. I’d love to reduce this further.