Reducing consumption with ethical fashion

Most of my wardrobe is second-hand. This style of shopping takes a level of self-control that I didn’t always possess… I used to have an eBay addiction. I began as a seller to clear out my clothes. Once I realised I could buy second-hand high quality, ethical Australian brands, I was unstoppable. I checked it every day. I saved searches of my favourite @countryroad jeans, so I could get notified if they were listed. I saved searches of ALL @cueclothingco just to see what was available in my size. I bid on a pair of near new @r.m.williams_official boots at half the price of a brand new pair. I won.

After this, I began to broaden my horizons. I love @amosshart‘s style, so I looked up what she wears, and found an endless collection of second-hand @equipmentfr shirts by Kate Moss. Pure silk. Rad patterns. Kind of affordable… Sadly, they didn’t fit very well. And I didn’t look after them very well.

After this ebb and flow of buy and sell, I now have strict standards on what I buy. I try to keep to black clothes, natural fabrics and brands that I know fit well. I know my size and casually trawl local markets, thrift stores, ebay and gumtree.

I try to buy near new and good quality. I try to treat wardrobe additions like grocery shopping – topping up depleting clothes. Deciding to buy comes with a layer of healthy hesitation. I love having a capsule wardrobe. Thank you @paris_to_go and @zerowastehome for inspiring me to reduce.