Reusable bamboo straws

I bought these reusable bamboo straws from @lifeofuscha because they are pretty, affordable and entirely package free. It’s been 4 weeks and I haven’t had a use for them yet. While I’m happy with these as an alternative to plastic, I’ve gotta say – reusable straws are a totally pointless item for me to own. It’s strange how there’s so much banter about this being a “zero waste essential”. They’re not. Just drink without a straw. Just sip. Don’t suck.

The main purpose I see for individuals owning these is for take away juice/smoothies, for fancy fun cocktails, and for kids.

But why we gotta buy them ourselves? Imagine if we didn’t need to remember to say “no straw”. Imagine if we didn’t need to pack a straw and clean it ourselves. I’d love every cocktail and juice bar to purchase these beautiful straws. Hey @jacobystikibar@junglejuicebar and @unclerestaurants, I’m a big fan. Reckon I can convince you to go plastic-free on your beautiful cocktails and juices? I totally understand that this isn’t something that can happen overnight, and the cleaning aspect isn’t fun, but I’d love you to consider it. Sincerely, your friend Zoe who is trying not to suck!