Souvenir Skull

My favourite souvenir from last month’s Trash Parties was this incredible skull. Can anyone identify what it is? It’s probably against the rules (“Take nothing but photographs”) but most of my souvenirs are bones, rocks and feathers. As a result, we have a growing collection of skulls at home.
Apart from this one, we have a possum, koala, kangaroo and dingo skull. The dingo is particularly special.

My dad is a writer. In the early 80s, he took a great interest in the Azaria story (“dingo ate my baby”) and flew to Uluru to write about it. He interviewed Michael Chamberlain among others and he was given a dingo skull as a gift from one of the trackers. Since then, he’s written a couple of books and a rolling stone article about the case.

When he returned, the skull took its place in my dad’s study, amongst thousands of books and other oddities that he had collected over the years. As a kid, I was fascinated by this dingo skull. Amazed at its symbol of mortality, the wildness of Australia and just how cool it was that dad had gotten it from the same place where a dingo took Lindy Chamberlain’s baby.

Last year, dad passed the skull onto me for my birthday  …Talk about zero waste gift giving!! I was so touched. Early this year, I got a tattoo surrounded by native Australian plants as an amalgamation of all the great memories this represents.