switch my accounts over to ethical institutions

Switching accounts to ethical institutions

If I have to be attached to financial institutions, I want them to #giveashit about environmental sustainability. I don’t want my superannuation to be invested in the fossil fuel industry. I don’t want my bank to extend financial services to the defence sector, unsustainable agriculture and non-renewable energy.

***This is NOT an ad. I’m just keen to explore my own personal eco-friendliness beyond food, fashion and beauty.***

I’ve been doing a bunch of boring personal admin to switch my accounts over to ethical institutions. I’m trying to broaden the ways that I support environmental sustainability through the corporate sector. I found it a really frustrating onboarding process with @bankaust but I got there in the end. I feel like I’ve gained a few eco brownie points with this new account. I like what they stand for and who they support. I’m lucky to have them as an option amidst a sea of corporate bullshit.

I still have a bunch more changes to make but this is one small step that has unlocked momentum for my accounts. I’ve got my eyes on @australianethical as my next target…

If you have questions please look up their ethical creds online, read their disclosure statements and seek out the fine print. Finance is not my forte and this is most certainly NOT a sponsored post 😜 I’m also expecting to come across a controversial article about all the ethical institutions. Ain’t modern life a funny thing?