To Make & Phase Out

Making these lists was the very first step towards zero waste.

Inspired by @zerowastehome, I made two bathroom lists: To Make & Phase Out. Phase out means the product no longer exists in its current form. This could mean I’ve replaced with a reusable or just learnt to live without it.

This list has also helped me reduce what I do use, such as band-aids (I’ve used one this year) and cotton tips (which I tried to live without but eventually found compostable ones).
Looking at these lists brings a sense of pride in the progress we’ve made. I make so much stuff now.
My needs have changed too. In some cases, I’ve tried to make what I thought was an essential item (face scrub) and then realised we don’t need it at all. It’s easy to hoard bathroom products.
These lists are a great first step for zero waste beginners as it’s tailored to your needs and allows you to take baby steps.