With every trip away, my toiletries bag evolves a little more. I find it a great measure for how much I’ve changed throughout this transition. This time, we’ve gone to the outback and it’s the longest trip (and first remote trip) we’ve taken since I decided to go zero waste. We have a mix of activities including hanging poolside at a resort, seeing a concert, camping in the red desert, bushwalking in lush forest and eating at fancy restaurants. We’ll be traveling as a couple but meeting up with friends and family along the way.

This toiletries set reveals a fine balance of looking respectable at dinner while also giving zero fucks about the way I look on holiday 😆. My base standard for being presentable is to smell nice, tame my hair, darken my brows and slap on some lipstick. All of the soap, grooming, deodorant and dental supplies are shared with my partner.

🤠 What have we here?

  • Top row L-R: Make up brushes, eyebrow pencil, @lushcosmetics lipstick, @sun.and.earth.zinc (I thought I’d give it a go in the hot sun) and @dirtyhippiecosmetics powder to remove shine.
  • Middle L-R: Nail file, nail clippers (great for camping), tweezers, @themisterbrand razor (somehow getting a lot of limelight on my feed!), all purpose plain soap in a @lushcosmetics tin, toothbrushes, @noosabasics dental floss, homemade toothpowder in an old mints tin.
  • Bottom L-R: Homemade make up remover wipes, homemade deodorant with sunscreen base instead of coconut oil so it doesn’t melt in warm weather, @perfectpotion essential oil blend so I stink pretty, homemade beeswax balm for hair, body, nails and bobby pins so my crazy curls look ok when it dries naturally after a swim.