Toothpaste jar from Zero Waste Beauty Australia

Handwritten notes make my heart melt and build loyalty to a brand. This personal touch tells me that customers are truly valued by the company. @zerowastebeautyaustralia has created astounding loyalty. Look at this gorgeous message! Not only do I feel excited about this product, but I want this company to succeed.

As far as a zero waste goes, the packaging is mostly glass and can be returned for them to reuse (tick!). The flavour is lovely and minty fresh (tick!) and the texture is smooth and easy to apply (tick!). The toothpaste itself is similar to what I’ve been making at home with the addition of shea butter and arrowroot powder (I assume to improve the texture and reduce oiliness). Shea butter is a welcome change but I’m not sure about the arrowroot. It coats my mouth in powder after brushing. Does it have dental benefits? I don’t normally rinse after brushing (aside from mouthwash) but the addition of arrowroot makes rinsing essential. I wouldn’t mind this if I knew it was good for my teeth.

All in all, this is a good product. I would recommend it for those that want to make the switch to reusable packaging. Just might take a little adjustment to the texture and application.
I’m so pleased to have companies like @zerowastebeautyaustralia who are helping to drive change in Australia. I look forward to seeing them extend their product range even further.