Use every last bit

Using every last bit! My bestest buddy @_jameslake used the very last of our Bepanthen for his tattoo aftercare. I love his resourcefulness. Now that this is finally used up, if I do get another tattoo, I’ll be trying out the new tattoo balm from @themisterbrand

On getting ink: I’m a little conflicted with this. On the one hand, I have an expensive addiction and a slight vanity about my tattoos (I love them! I want more!). On the other hand, tats are not conducive to a plastic-free lifestyle.

I’ve posted about this before, but I wanted to add that it’s taken some healthy self-control to not get more native flowers on my arms. Thanks to everyone’s daily inspiration to keep me on my zero waste path, I guess if I do get another tattoo, I’d better get a really big one to ensure the glad wrap and hospital-grade hygiene practices are put to good use .