Having a Corgi X means that our home gets very fluffy, particularly as the weather gets warmer. Not so fun for us, but it’s amazing for our compost bin. All the waste from vacuuming is great for compost as long as it’s organic matter like dust, dirt, hair and fur.

After some short lived second-hand purchases through @gumtree, we reluctantly decided to buy a brand new @dyson vacuum cleaner. If you’re ever feeling cornered to buy brand new, it’s ok. There’s a growing number of companies that are designing products to last, and considering sustainability in their packaging design. I was confident that this would be an amazing machine, but I felt guilty before unboxing. I was impressed (and relieved) that their packaging is styrofoam free and almost plastic free. The one thing I would change is to reduce the amount of plastics in the @dyson product itself, but then I probably wouldn’t be able to afford it 🤑