Buy swap sell second hand books

Want your own low waste library? Buy, swap, sell! Need another gift idea? Books! 

I grew up in a library. My dad had thousands of books in his study. At the heart, was a set of second-hand lounge chairs, a coffee table and lots of painting supplies. It smelt like old books and tobacco. That’s where we’d spend time together as a family. During philosophical conversations, he would refer to his books just like we google questions today. Sometimes he’d read us a poem or a passage of interest.

Every Sunday, Dad would take me on garage sale adventures to hunt for more books. He would sell, swap or keep them. Every book allowed him to exchange for a better book. About 3000 books passed through his study in this way. I didn’t know it, but I was being trained in the art of book dealing.

I remember yearly trips to ikea to buy more bookshelves. Dad created aisles and nooks so he could fit more in the room.

Later, I worked at a second hand bookshop for a short spell. I understood the value of certain titles so I was able to buy books as well as sell them.

Today, I use this experience to keep a steady flow of books in our home. Like Dad, I want my books to flow in and out. In contrast to Dad, I don’t want to buy more bookshelves 😆 This is my approach: Periodically, I take a pile of titles to @brownandbunting to exchange for more books or cash. They have a good idea of what I like, so they recommend new books for me to read. The ones that I can’t sell are given to the street library at the tram stop. That way, they’ve got the best chance of their pages being turned.

On selling books: Second hand bookshops are competing with @amazon, so they often prefer near new quality (unless it’s a rare first edition). Near new sells better because it’s a socially acceptable gift. You can help preserve the quality of your book by not folding pages, bending the spine, or throwing soft cover books into a handbag with scratchy keys. Love your books and they’ll live forever. There is nothing quite like the amazing smell of a great second hand book