Zero waste at work can be challenging

Zero waste at work can be challenging. I am a UX designer whose life is run by innovative ideas and a never-ending to-do list. For someone who designs digital products, it’s ironic that paper is not safe around me. I used to fill a sketchbook in a month with wireframes, ideas and checklists. While conducting research, I’d go through stacks of @postit notes. On top of that, I design in the open – which means, I print out concepts and stick them on the wall for others to offer input and ideas. I love being organised, collaborative and working across multiple projects, but the plastic covered sketchbooks and an enormous amount of paper usage made me reconsider my approach. I now use a clipboard with scrap paper for ideation. This is my notebook at meetings and my go-to during a brainstorm. New apps like @invisionapp, zeplin and @trelloapp have allowed me to digitise collaboration where possible. I print way less than before. I am also happy that anything printed will be used for scrap paper later on. I now keep my personal checklist on @trelloapp so I can stay organised. I do still use a lot of @postit notes but I’m getting better. This clipboard is roughly $3 from @officeworksand it has totally transformed the way I work. Next up, I’m planning to switch from @sharpie to pencils.