Zero waste boy stuff

Zero waste boy stuff! My partner loves how minimal everything is now. The adjustment period was tricky because it required a level of organisation that we previously took for granted. Rather than going to a convenience store to get more razors on the day that he needs them, he’s got to buy a set of blades in advance. Now, after the transition, it’s simple and easy to manage. The cupboard is decluttered and the system works really well for his daily routine as well as travel.
What’s he got? L-R top-bottom:

1) Gentle post-shave moisturiser. Great for bald heads plus I want to see if I can refill the tube with bulk moisturiser. While I’d love if @burlyfellow sold this in a glass, I reckon this tube has huge potential for long-term use
2) @uppercutdeluxe toothbrush is our all-time favourite wooden toothbrush
3) Beeswax deodorant in an old jam jar (recipe in bio). He adjusted to natural deodorant fairly quickly over Winter
4) @beautyandthebeestasmania beer shampoo which we also use as shaving soap. Keen to try @ethiquenz shaving soap as well
5) Nail clippers
6) @themisterbrand razor for face
7) Second-hand electric razor for a bald head. He was initially looking for this brand new. A little bit of patience paid off and we found this second-hand for only $6. Works perfectly. Electric razor saves water and prevents any chance of nicks and cuts on the back of the head.

I say “boy stuff” but many of these items are shared to reduce our toiletries even further. I love the traditionally ‘masculine’ aesthetic and perfumes of many products that are marketed at men. Getting lots of ideas for myself in the lead up to Father’s Day