Low waste gifts

Zero Waste Christmas gift ideas

There’s still time to discuss more minimal approaches to gift giving (ie secret santa, gifts for kids only, plastic free, etc – more ideas in this post #christmasgifts203). Here’s a bunch of gifts that I’ve received/given that I found successful:

  • Mini homemade product samples (maybe steer clear of deodorant balm and toothpowder unless you’re absolutely sure the receiver is into it)
  • Donations or memberships (I loved having a @zoosvictoria membership for my 30th birthday)
  • Homemade marmalade, iced tea, dukka, beer or bread
  • Soap blocks such as coffee body scrub, shampoo bars, etc (@ethiquenz have a great range of different plastic free products)
  • Beeswax wraps (Surprisingly expensive so they make great gifts for those that have expressed an interest to try but were turned off by the price)
  • Experience tokens or workshops
  • Show/concert tickets
  • Plastic free toys and bamboo/hemp blankets for babies
  • Linen napkins, or special tea towels that also double as wrapping
  • Boutique beer and wine
  • Take away coffee cup or thermos: my favourites are @keepcup and @t2tea – Cash! A teenager’s favourite gift of all time 😜
Multipurpose beeswax balm | Ain’t no Planet B

Orange marmalade | Ain't no Planet B
When we have too many oranges, we make marmalade, orange juice and orange cleaner.
Low waste gifts
Low waste gifts