Package free grocery shopping for a zero waste lifestyle

Zero waste gets easier

Zero waste can be hard. I’m lucky to have so many stores to choose from, and even then, it’s really hard (but it does get easier). Well done to everyone making that little extra effort, changing 5 mins of your day, or just being conscious of where to improve. You’re on a path to an eco-centric life. You’re doing great.

Package free grocery shopping for a zero waste lifestyle

Last weekend, I embarked on a zero waste adventure to get all the treats. I ventured to a progressive little hub of shops in Melbourne and didn’t buy everything I intended to get. .

  • 💚 Succeeded in getting kombucha, peanut butter, honey, chocolate coated macadamias and veggie chips from @thesourcefitzroy. One paper bag was sacrificed for the sake of deliciousness.
  • 💔Failed to get cheese from @thecraftandco due to a change in their practises.
  • 😑 Shied away from getting tortellini from @pastaclassica due to previously grumpy service (see old post #zoebuyspasta203). .
  • 😴 Accidentally forgot to get a loaf of bread from @babkabakers due to me reaching peak limit of grocery shopping and wanting to go home. .

Didn’t get everything but the treats I did get were phenomenal 👌🏼